SAP is just flourishing as the best ERP system in the world. The plus and pros given by SAP software is highly meticulous in the industry.
You’ll always feel some amount of anxiety while choosing a career, be it any type of career. And picking a vocation in SAP consulting is something really anxious task and it is more verity for those entities that are shifting Career to SAP profession.

Let us understand the various roles exist in a general SAP consulting association. The three widen streams usually existing are Consulting, Technical and Project Management. An entity can persist in the initial two to turn to be Professional in the field chosen or after a good understanding and knowledge enter upon third with further skills.

The career routes usually are Trainee or Junior SAP Consultant, SAP Consultant, Senior Consultant, Project Manager, Practice Director… the titles may vary from companies to companies but the role will be same. There are some companies which entitle these as K1, K2….. K6 rank consulting.
Let us shortly describe the different roles in SAP consulting & services:

Project Trainee:
Many students work as a project trainee as a part of their college internship and others do it for gaining experience and practical knowledge in the field. Industries hire them and they tend to work under consulting team and are assigned a defined work task.

Junior Consultant:
This is say the beginning or initial stage to start career in SAP. Apprentices after the completion of SAP course, tries to move in an industry as a Junior Consultant and affix to technical team. Junior consultants are those who don’t have any prior experience and practical skill for the same. They usually work under the senior team member. These are basically BASIS person on ABAP developers. Generally it takes 2-3 years to promote for a Technical position.

They are the chief members on Project team for all the delivery process. They usually possess an experience of 3-5 years of Business Process knowledge in their specific field. This is pursued by SAP training in the relevant module along with SAP certification. The consultant staff will work under the senior team member.

Senior Consultant
They are the most responsible person for all the functionalities and usually have prior experience of 3-7 years. Senior consultants supervise the project management team of his/her field. These people highly intended for client interaction and they mainly lead the project.

Project Manager:
Manager as you all know are the head member, they usually have 7-8 years of experience in SAP consulting. They are accountable for overall project and out of the country project budget, deliverables, and price. They are predictable to be clued-up about SAP project management method.

Practice Head:
They are the overall head of the organization and chief for SAP consulting services. All members come under practice head and many times he/she may be a CEO of the company.
So these are the various positions of SAP consultants. Gain the knowledge of SAP at Shivansh Solution and be the one to shine in the field.

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