Many of us associate panic rooms with a place where we are locked inside in order to hide from someone or something. It is however a common misconception that we have and it generally isn’t true. Panic rooms are actually designed to keep people and possessions safe.
The first thing to address is that they are usually called ‘safe’ rooms. This immediately reassures the client because the name changes from something that indicates fright to something that indicates safety.
To understand a safe room you have to look into why people may want them. It could be for a number of reasons including both threats and risks. Panic rooms are built from weather resistant materials and are stocked with gas masks so that in the event of some sort of nuclear attack you can go take shelter and protect yourself. People may think that it is a new invention but it actually dates back to medieval times, lords would use them to protect themselves if they were under attack.
They are generally used as a sort of last resort if you like to protect people when everything else has failed and security measures such as locks and CCTV have been breached. Another misconception of the panic room is that they look like concrete cells. The look of the room however all depends on the amount of money you have or want to spend on it. Safe rooms can in fact be rooms of luxury containing running water, bathroom facilities, living areas, cooking areas and sleeping areas to accommodate all of the family.
Panic rooms range from the basic model which just looks like a box to the most expensive model which looks like a house. The construction of a high end panic room generally starts at £50,000 and can reach £500,000 depending on the specification that you have chosen.  For alternative protection, some people often choose manned guarding; however this can be more invasive if in a domestic situation.
The types of people that are most likely to use panic rooms are usually politicians and famous people because of their status and the costs.  They are however found in other places. For example, a school in Mexico had one installed because of a kidnapping that took place.
Most security companies will not sell them lightly so they take into full account your privacy and confidentiality if you order a panic room.  If you are concerned for the safety of your family or more commonly your prized possessions or valuables; what better places to keep them safe than a panic room? It also provides an excellent place to keep your family safe should you find your home under attack.
 Author Bio:

Katy writes for Sec Tech Ltd who specialise in security solutions and the installation of panic rooms.