Less is more. This is often a slogan of minimalist that has now become a cliché. Although, there is always a truth about these clichés and for one, having a lesser or smaller size of promotional products definitely gives you more promotions and marketing results. How? Well there are just a lot of corporate giveaways that you should know for you to understand. Here are some basic concepts and items that may tickle your fancy when it comes to promotional products.

Small Promotional Items are great because…

Basically, small promotional items or corporate giveaways are great just because they can easily market your items without having to consume space or mass. Take for example going to an expo or just attending some events that you thought of marketing. You may be carrying with you promotional USB Drives or small sized power banks, so once you do, you can easily give them away. This makes the whole process a lot easier without actually causing much problem with your transport.

You should also take into consideration the size to be really important for your clients. Imagine giving them huge products that they can’t bring anywhere. It will only limit the usage to be just “At home promotional products” and also they may not be easily used all the time. With small items, you automatically have portable products in mind. These could be small products like USB drives and small portable power banks. With these tiny devices, people or clients will not mind carrying them around wherever they go.

Furthermore, they may serve a purpose along with their portability. Say for USB drives, they can carry it around for easy use or just put it in their pockets or even key chains. With this, they will be able to not only be familiarize with your brand and company profile through consistent use but also be able to enhance the brand exposure by giving it a chance to be shown by colleagues or friends.

Hurdles of having small promotional products

However, having small promotional products have its great benefits above, there are also some hurdles that you may want to note. This include the following:

They may be of bad quality

Some of these small promotional items say a promotional pen can be easily destroyed due to poor manufacturing. This could be a trouble since you may want to focus on quality. The promotional item basically loses its purpose or capacity to promote if it no longer functions.

They are hard to customize

The thing with small product is that you may find it hard to customize. You can realize that you will be having problems with getting the right products that work for your brand. It can also get you in trouble by offering you a bit of problem with recognition of brand due to the very minimal info you can add to them. However, some manufacturers are able to actually do a good job despite the small surface area of the device. This makes the product a really good product for your brand, which brings us to our next point…

Only a few manufacturers or suppliers are good at it

Only a few manufacturers are able to handle this small devices. You may be surprised that not many suppliers can offer bulk personalized iPhone power bank deals for you. You may even find it hard to locate some suppliers for quality promotional pens.

However, this should not stop you from using small promotional items to market your business. You should consider focusing on the right products instead and get to the right results that you want today with your corporate gifts. Also, if you are still looking for great products supplier that may offer you the best deals of bulk personalized iPhone power bank or USB drives, then go ahead and check out SaveOnPromotions.