Okay, here we are in 2015 already and if you are itching to get your awesome guest posts published in an authority blog, you are in luck! We’ve cut away the deadwood sites that never seem to get back to you and have streamlined the list to a nice round figure – 5 to be exact! Each of these sites will not only be happy to publish your well-written post, but they’ll also open up a whole new world of readers to your own website. All of these sites deal with digital marketing so get your content nice and fresh and add something a little unique and you’ll be good to go! It may be prudent to drop them a nice little ‘hello’ email first and before you know it, your words of wisdom will be out there for the whole world to digest. We’ve also included a link if you have any other blogs to list, either send us the details or reply at the end of this post.

Shoutmeloud – One of the best blogs out there that will happily read your post and as long as it is informative, original and relevant to the industry – you should be golden!PR3

Copyblogger – A legendary site that should need no introduction to experienced content writers all over the world. Follow our awesome tips at the end of this post and you should be in with a shout of reaching out to thousands of faithful readers! PR7

Daily Blog Tips – Keep your post nice and fresh and these bad boys will be happy to take a look. If they upload your guest post you will be getting a nice link plus thousands of doors will surely open thereafter! PR5

Citgo – Okay, these are the new kids on the block, but they are already making some positive noises on the digital marketing stage. Drop them a line and hopefully your guest post soon have pride of place on their slick website. PR5

Social Media Today – No surprises as to what these chaps are all about! If social media is your bag, hit them up today with your words of wisdom and get ready for a whole new audience!

A Few Tips

So, you have the details of 5 current big hitters in the world of digital marketing blogs, what are you waiting for? Ah, you need a few tips to ensure that your efforts are not wasted? No problem! Here are 4 tips that should help your guest blog onto the pages of these sites and many more besides:

* Stay original
* Communicate with the blog site owner
* Set your own objectives
* Follow the guidelines closely
* Forget about the hard sell.

If you have picked up any more tips along the way, please add them to this post because we’d love to hear them – Have an awesome 2015!

Author Bio :
Phil Hall is a PPC professional fan who loves taking on the mega brands and winning! you can read more about his awesome ideas online here