The most beautiful and beloved asset we have is hair and our look is never complete until we do a nice hairdo that makes us all the more attractive and confident. There are good hair days and bad hair days and this certainly impacts our mood for the day. Getting showered with nice compliments on good hair days makes our days brighter while on the other hand, on days when hair is not manageable at all, we fell dull and lack excitement.

To always keep them the way we want them to be we need to take care of them in the following manner:

1. Nourish Your Hair: It is important to nourish your hair as much as possible. In our daily lives and hectic schedules, our hair is exposed to a lot of impurities from pollution, dust, dirt etc. these impurities get settled on our heads and make hair dull and unimpressive. So it is important to nourish them to keep them healthy. They get nourishment from consuming healthy food, regular oil massage and periodically certain other homemade tried and tested treatments which suit you like egg, curd, lemon etc.There are different products available for different needs, for instance, oil for antidandruff or dry and itchy scalp etc.

2. Keep scalp clean:Wash hair properly, use a good shampoo from a trustworthy brand. Wet hair properly before applying your shampoo and gently massage it on scalp as well as on hair to make lather. If you have dandruff use dandruff solutions which works well for you. Wash off the shampoo by gently massaging your scalp carefully and cleaning it nicely. Make you shampoo gets absolutely washed off so that you get clean hair and scalp feeling fresh as dew.

3. Conditioning:This is yet another thing which is very important for our hair. There are a variety of hair conditioners available in the market, but you should use the one which you absolutely trust and suits your skin and hair type. Using a good conditioner will keep your hair untangled and fresh for longer period of time.

4. Treat Hair Problems:If you have a persistent hair issue, you must treat it as soon as possible. Some of the most common ones are dandruff, hair fall, itchy scalp etc. These may not sound fatal, but if these are not treat timely, they can turn into a huge problems which might later require prolonged treatment from medical experts. Use a good hair repair productsif you observe the need for them. Thinning of hair is a sign of bad health and weak immune system so build a strong immune by taking a balanced diet.

5. Style Them:Style them but don’t spoil them, use proper techniques to style your hair. Do not use just any product you come across until you find proper ways to use it and until you know the pros and cons of using it. Do not be too experimental with them, as too much use of harsh chemicals can harm them. Use only Oliquemild hair care products which do not have side effects.