Windows NT versions have this amazing backup functionality to create backup of selective drive, file, folder, or complete data. The backup is created in the form of a single file as .bkf file which comprises of data belonging to different file formats like; images, videos, email files, databases, etc. This backup file can be then extracted to its original file formats. But it has been noticed that sometimes users find it difficult to recover BKF file data due to corruption in BKF file. Let us see the reasons behind such corruption issues in the BKF file which makes the normal extraction process difficult.

What Leads To BKF File Corruption?
It is quite difficult to trace the reason behind this backup corruption as various reasons can lead to BKF corruption. Any damages to the file or its integrity can land you in a situation where it is difficult to extract data from backup file. Some of the common reasons which can cause corruption are mentioned below;
  • Virus intrusion on the system where backup file is saved can ultimately cause corruption to the backup file as well. If the file is saved on server or network and there is virus infection in the server as well, it can also lead to corruption in BKF file.
  • It is important to initiate the backup procedure and finish it completely. In case there is any interruption in the process of backup creation or the process is done incorrectly backup file structure can be damaged.
  • Missing catalog files is another estranged reason why BKF file shows errors while extracting data files from it. When catalog files are missing, extraction process is restricted leading to failure of .bkf file restoration.
There are many other reasons which can lead to BKF corruption. BKF file structure becomes un-recognizable and hence the backup extraction process fails. In case extremely crucial data is inside the backup file, one must take an immediate action to recover BKF file data.
Ultimate Solution to Recover BKF File Data
Windows backup utility does not allow extracting data from damaged backup file. It does not have any provision to repair the damaged BKF file also. In order to recover data from damaged or corrupted backup file, you will have to take help of an external application. You can utilize third party solution like BKF Recovery in order to recover BKF file data safely. This tool is available online and has an amazing technique of letting users to extract desired data files from backup file following quick or advanced scanning. In case you too are suffering from same issue and the BKF file is showing errors while extracting the file, you can perform complete recovery of data using this online tool.