Pathetic and abysmal are the two suitable words to describe the current situation of drinking water in rural India. People residing in villages still have to cover long distances with heavy utensils balanced on their heads to get access to drinking water. People standing in twisted and never ending congested queues, with no guaranty of getting pure water makes the condition even worse.

Water carrying harmful chemicals and impurities are supplied in urban areas of India. Majority of cities and towns get access through water only for an hour or two and that too owes poor pressure levels, which forces people to experience insufficiency of water. Supply of polluted water has created need of water purifiers in India.

Water purifiers in houses and corporate building, helps people to stay away from any kind of occurrence through waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and typhoid. Latest water purification technology is sleek and robust because these water purifiers have undergone through advancement since the dawn of civilization.

Expansion of water purifiers
Water purifiers are being utilized since the early civilization to protect good health with safe drinking water. The initial water purification methods include heating and boiling of water beneath the sun and the method was filtration through coarse gravel and sand. These earlier methods and practices were written in Sanskrit scriptures and ancient Greek.

The initial form of water purification in 20th century included “Sand Filter” with this method people fulfilled their need of soft water with minimal minerals. Water softeners with the usage of sodium ions to replace the minerals that harden the water were introduced in 1903. Since, then water purification expertise has undergone through several revolution, the modern offering includes RO+UV+UF filtration technology.

Explaining RO+UV+UF and TDS technology for water purifiers
Gone are those decades of traditional old water filters and filtration processes. Reason being the cutting-edge technology, poor water purifiers has undergone a sea change. The modern buzzword when it comes to water purifier’s latest Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration technology, which is paving the way for RO water purifiers. RO water purifiers have parted the technology into UV purifiers, which uses the revolutionary Ultra Violet (UV) radiation and Ultra Filtration (UF) technologies.

Additional advancement is TDS feature in water purifiers also known as Total Dissolve Solids, which utilizes a control valve which enables you to control the content of all the natural ingredients as mineral present in your water. The best exponent of this technology is Aqua Fresh RO water purifiers.

The latest water purification technology
The modern and one of the best water purification technologies is the result of unflinching commitment towards the excellence, quality, rich domain expertise and consumer service. Do you still think that water purifier prices are sky high and beyond your reach? Think again. Buy water purifier from a leading brand, without burning out a hole in your saving pocket. Aquafresh Dolphin RO water filter is the result of the best in class technology as well as best RO membrane.

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