1) When the range of scores and subjects is more than 20 how the data should be organized?
Ans.  Group frequency

2) In positively skewed curve _________.
Ans.  The tail is in the positive direction & the hump is in the negative direction.

3) A frequency polygon is a _________.
Ans.  Line graph

4) A score in the 60th percentile means ________.
Ans.  Equal to surpass 60% of raw score

5) For skewed data which measure of variability is useful.
Ans.  interquartile range

6) SEM can be calculated from sample ______
Ans.  Standard deviation and sample size

7) What is the standard deviation if the data represent a population ______.
Ans.  Standard error

8) Kurtosis is relative __________.
Ans. Peakedness of the data

9) Mean + 1.96 SD covers ________.
Ans.  95% of area

10) Power is ________.
Ans.  1-b

11) Incorrectly rejecting null is ____.
Ans.  Type I error

12) Mann whitney U test is alternative to ______.
Ans. dependent t