Are Super Cubicles The Future For Offices?

There has been speculation for years on whether or not open planned or closed planned offices are better for the working environment. Research has shown that both have their pros and cons depending on the type of work being carried out. Employers have their own thoughts on the subject and despite open planned offices generally being the least favourite of designs, they still opt for the layout. In order to overcome problems that workers have in such an environment furniture company, Steelcase have offered a suggestion.

The Brody WorkLounge is a cubicle that offers workers somewhere to go in an open planned office for privacy and quiet. Designed to limit the number of distractions that you can come across when working in close proximity to one another. Not only does the cubicle provide you with somewhere to escape but it offers you comfort and support that is beneficial for the body.

The Brody resembles a small office complete with desk and chair. Walls create a sort of cocoon that holds everything you need for your work. Featuring a chair that comes complete with a foot rest and cushion that adapts to the size of a person. A small LED task light is also present and a power outlet to plug in your laptop or mobile phone. A personal and adjustable work surface provides a place for your computer to rest and a side surface offers you space for writing and placing a drink. This can also be used as an arm rest for extra comfort. As well as everything you need for your work it even provides a personal storage area for keeping bags and other personal belongings.

Working in a large office with no office partitioning to shelter you from those you work with can be extremely distracting. There is often a lot of noise to contend with, habits to put up with, visual distractions and general chit chat that can be hard to ignore. Providing small work areas where people can go to when working alone on a project can help improve concentration and increase work productivity. It is estimated that whilst working in open plan offices we get distracted every 11 minutes and it can take up to 23 minutes to get back on track.

It is hoped that these work cubicles will utilize unused space in offices and create a more productive workforce. This will not only benefit the business but its employees too as they will feel more comfortable and generally happier.

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    I actually like the idea of this system, however I do have some concerns. It appears relatively small and close, which leads me to be concerned about those personnel who may suffer from claustrophobia. My wife will not take elevators due to her fear, and these appear much smaller than elevators? Also I do not see in the photo any telephone, so am I to assume that everyone will be utilizing Mobiles? I also noticed that apparently the chair is going to be designed like the old secretary task chair as there are no arms. I personally believe that this system has possibilities but some things need to be addressed before production.

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