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Written By Komal Solanki

Microsoft Exchange application provides this impeccable facility to access mailbox emails in offline mode. This is done by enabling the cached mode which triggers the creation of OST file. This file can be accessed locally without any imposition of network availability or other authentication. But this file can be accessed under few requisites only. The file is accessible in the system where it has been configured and cannot be copied or recuperated if gets corrupted to server condition. It is completely inaccessible in other systems and if you want to access the emails in any other system you will have to migrate Microsoft Outlook OST to PDF file. Once the emails are converted to PDF files it can be accessed in any other systems and can also be transported without any complications.

Why to Choose PDF File Format As Converting Medium?

When users want to make the Exchange OST file emails accessible in other systems, the most convenient medium to which the conversion must be done is PDF files. This is because this file is accessible in several Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. and needs only Adobe Reader to read the document. The portability of PDF file format is another factor why this file format is best suitable option for the conversion of OST emails.

Many users want to convert OST emails to other files to transport the data for various requirements like analysis. Storing OST to PDF is recommended because transaction of PDF files is much easier and can be emailed as an attachment or transported directly. Its access is easier and is not bounded to any type of network availability or system configuration. Moreover, PDF is considered to be a professional file format and in order represent the email for legal matters PDF file format is considered to be apt. When multiple emails from OST file needs to be converted, it is better to convert OST to PDF in bulk.

Possible Ways to Migrate OST File Emails to PDF

If you have Acrobat application installed in the same system where OST is configured with Outlook then the emails can be easily saved as the PDF files. Acrobat application has this Outlook add-in which can be utilized to save emails in PDF formats. You can perform this conversion using this add-in very easily and the PDF can be saved in to the desired location. This procedure however cannot be applied to the OST file which are orphan or have been corrupted. Moreover, it is important to have the Acrobat application installed which happens to be an exorbitant application. Without Acrobat installation the add-in will not be available and the conversion to PDF files will not be possible either. And if the OST file is having damages and the emails which you want to convert has been corrupted, the conversion using Acrobat add-in will not be possible.

Alternative Method for OST to PDF Conversion

If users are having damaged or corrupted OST file or the OST file is orphan, then the method available will not work. In such situation users can take help of an alternative solution like third party solution. Software applications like OST to PDF converter provide conversion of OST files to PDF files. Users can import OST emails into PDF with attachments which are available in the clipper of PDF files. Complete conversion of emails is offered without any requirement of the Acrobat application in the system. The emails can be viewed easily without MS Outlook application in PDF format and can be transferred to other systems as well. The OST to PDF conversion application is available online and helps to migrate Microsoft Outlook OST to PDF in bulk as well.

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