What is the Absolute Solution to Repair Corrupted Encrypted Files from Computer System

Encryption is the superb way or method to protect and secure your data from unwanted or unauthorized access. Windows Operating System provides a feature that is EFS – Encrypting File System. With the help of this feature user can store their data and information on your HDD – Hard Disk Drive in an encrypted format. It is the strongest method for securing your essential data.

There are couple of steps: How you encrypt your files?

  • If you want to encrypt, right click the any file or folder then click on “Properties”
  • Click the “General” tab and then click on “Advanced” option
  • Select the “Encrypt Contents to Secure Data” and then click “Ok”

These are the steps follow these and then you can protect your personal and professional files and folders. No outsider can access your crucial data. And Windows Operating System also provides the facility to decrypt your files which are encrypted. Decrypted means converts your cipher-text data into plain text format.

Steps how you can decrypt your encrypted files?

  • If you want to encrypt, right click the any file or folder then click on “Properties”
  • Click the “General” tab and then click on “Advanced” option
  • Unchecked the box of “Encrypt Contents to Secure Data” and then click “Ok”

Everything is fine, But problem is corruption of encrypted files. This is troublesome situation for everyone. There are many reasons of corruption such as viruses infection and malignant programs, logical errors, power fluctuation issues, software failures and hardware as well, hard disk failure, and many more.

If your encrypted files corrupted, deleted or lost then how to repair files? There are many ways to drag out files from massively corruption of bad sectors. You must have full edition of anti-virus because this is the utility through this you can protect your files from viruses and other malfunctions. Always update computer system software and drivers due to older versions computer system maybe hang or slow result is to be this files are orphaned. Use UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply with the help of this we can overcome the risk of bad power supply.

If your files and folders are not repaired through these methods then you have only one way that is commercial software or third party software. This data recovery software that is Windows Data Recovery Software using this you can easily and quickly access your damaged files within few minutes. It is an utility which is made up of with algorithm programming. This tool easily used by novice users without sound knowledge of technical.

Prior to buy this tool you can check out the capabilities of the Windows Data Recovery Software with the help of free demo edition and animated video. For complete information, visit:- http://www.recoverdatatools.com/Windows-Data-Recovery-Software.html


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