Branding: Make it Count!


Written By Komal Solanki

There are different interpretations for the word ‘Branding’ these days. We often hear about it a lot and gradually, this topic seems to be gaining fast momentum. All for good reasons and more!
“Your brand is what people say about you after you leave the room”, – this famous quote by Jeff Bezos, CEO & Founder of Amazon in many ways says a lot about Branding and how important it is to keep enhancing and working on it for better results in the future. In literal meaning, your brand is nothing but your customer’s perception about you. The way they perceive you can make or break a business. Also, add to it the good reputation in the market which goes a long way in helping to create a personal brand of its own.

Those days are long gone when branding was limited only to designing a company’s logo and thinking up a catchy tag line. Today, a powerful brand is the result of a well-thought strategy prepared for the long-term goals of a company. Think about top brands like – Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amul, Colgate, etc who never overlook and are always in sync with value for money, high quality, great service, and most importantly, credibility, BUT! Here come the big million-dollar question, that how to build a successful brand which will helps in achieving such goals. Here are some concrete ways to do that:

  • Stop & Stare: It is very difficult to come across brand communication that actually makes you stop and stare for a while. Be that! Make them wonder and give them a feeling they can’t put it in words.
  • Be human: People are continuously talking, reacting and thinking about the brands. They want to feel as if they are having a real conversation which makes it even much easier to relate with the brand. So, don’t be just a name. Go beyond that.
  • Be simple: Keep it simple, silly! Don’t make them rack their brain too much and don’t make it seem like rocket science.
  • Ongoing Process: Branding is much more than a logo. It’s an ongoing process, being shaped with every small step you take and every slight move you make.
  • Innovate: Innovate and show the world something they’ve never seen before!
  • Adapt: Watch culture, watch the latest trends and keep yourself updated. If there’s something happening in culture, make it a statement of your brand. Adapt to new technologies and user experience. Adapt before you’re too late to realize.

By the end of it, we must know that Branding and identity of the Advertising Agency goes hand-in-hand. It is here to stay for long. The sooner we realize, the better it is. So, make it count and make it worthwhile!

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