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MSG file convert to PDF has become common for many users, especially for lawyers and attorneys nowadays. Due to such demands, many software companies came up with MSG to PDF Converter software applications to save MSG as PDF.

New web designers of today must account for handful of browsers while creating or designing a new website. Standards-based web design lead to most browsers into relative similarity with each other, but the opposite is the true where the email is concerned. Number of email clients are there including some of that have been around for decades. Large organizations which are slow to update companies still have employees relying on outdated clients like Outlook 2000 or Lotus Notes. Additionally, as compared to web clients, desktop clients are mostly used by the organizations. They are heavily tied to business office environment. While the market seems fragmented given the choices, actual usage is dominated by Outlook. But as mobile readership increases, desktop might suffer a slight decline.
Email application offers several features, some map perfectly to Outlook, and some may not. Some email clients offer calendars, some stick with just the fundamentals. At the end, what’s important is that you find an email client, which not only offers you what you need, which is so reliable and within your budget.

MS Outlook is one of the popular and widely used email application in the world of organization. But with more smaller-sized companies starts to migrate to other, cheaper, solutions a multiple users are finding email applications that handle the tasks, without the annoyances that over and over again accompany Outlook. Microsoft Outlook has been designed which can run on both the operating systems i.e. Windows OS as well as Mac OSX. All the Outlook message files are saved with .msg extension. Moreover, MSG file open without Outlook as no MS Outlook installation is required. But to make it more secure and safe, some users tries to take a backup of MSG file as PDF document because it is more reliable and secure to use.

Why Lawyers and Attorneys need to save Outlook MSG as PDF?

It is a common misconception that Adobe PDF files are just a collection of images, one per page. Certainly a PDF can be formed that way, but in reality the document structure is more complicated. A PDF document includes text streams (which can be compressed or encoded in multiple ways), vector and raster images, fonts and numerous interactive elements. Also PDF file comprises sections called “objects”. Objects are numbered individually and can represent a page, a font, a data stream and etc. The standard allows this so that the modifications can easily appended to the file, leaving the actual data intact. Any new or different object is attached in the last of the original file. Objects which gets deleted are left undamaged and just marked deleted. This can possibly cause unintentional disclosure of crucial information.

How to perform MSG file convert to PDF?
There are two methods to save MSG file as PDF

  1. Manual Method
  2. Third Party MSG to PDF Converter

Save MSG as PDF manually
If you have some important MSG files which you want to export in PDF format for the purpose of backup. Below are some steps which perform MSG file convert to PDF.

  1. Open Outlook and select the desired emails for conversion
  2. From menu bar, select the File tab and choose Save As option
  3. Select the location where you want to save the file
  4. Click on drop & down list of save as type and select HTML format
  5. Go to file location, and right click on the file and open the file by using MS Word
  6. Click on office button and select Save As option
  7. Then select Find add-ins for other file formats to save as PDF format.

Save MSG as PDF using MSG to PDF Converter
There are many email migration utilities are available, many of them quite pricey, which let you to convert MSG to PDF. But, if you are looking for quick and easy way to convert MSG files to PDF, then you can go with MSG to PDF Converter. A smart and effective tool for MSG file convert to PDF. This will not lead to data loss. All the information will be transferred exactly in the way they were before, means it will not affect the message formatting and metadata properties.
Steps to save MSG to PDF

  1. Download and install MSG to PDF on your system
  2. Select Source File/Folder for conversion
  3. Choose file naming option as per requirements
  4. Click on Save As and choose the destination path as per need
  5. Check Convert Attachment option if you want to convert MSG file attachment
  6. Check Enable black and white option if you want PDF file in black and white.
  7. Click on Convert

Some important features of MSG to PDF Converter

  • Simple and self-explanatory graphical user interface
  • Provides two options to save MSG file i.e. Select File to convert a single MSG file and Select Folder to convert complete MSG file folder.
  • Multiple file naming options. And auto-increment in file naming will automatically change the name of MSG file after conversion.
  • No MS Outlook installation is needed to convert MSG to PDF
  • Allow to choose the location as per requirement in order to save MSG as PDF
  • Include Convert Attachment option that eases the cumbersome process of converting Outlook msg file attachments to PDF
  • Also contain Enable Black and White option to make PDF file of black and white
  • All the rich-text formatting and

metadata properties will remain intact during the process

  • Supports all MS Outlook MSG file editions
  • Proficient with all version of Windows operating systems including Windows 10.

  • Please visit the following link for more information: MSG to PDF


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