How to Export Outlook MSG files to PDF Format Effortlessly

MS Outlook is one of the most popular desktop email clients developed by Microsoft, which is being used for many IT professionals & organizations. The individual Outlook email can be easily dragged from any Outlook folder and dropped to any location on the system. This drag and drop process will create a MSG file of that email. MSG files are only used to store single Outlook email and its attachments and require MAPI email clients to view them. MS Outlook can easily open MSG files.
Sometimes, users prefer to convert these MSG files to PDF so that they can be easily viewed or safe sharing. These PDF files can be easily viewed by using Adobe applications on any mobiles, laptops etc. without using MS Outlook.
Let us now discuss the ideology of PDF files to understand how they differ from Outlook MSG files.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a portable file format, which allows an easy incorporation of text, images, hyperlinks, etc. This format allows the user to accurately view the documents as page-by-page as they appear in the printed form.

Some of the interesting features of PDF include:
  • PDF files can be easily viewed on any operating system irrespective of hardware differences.
  • PDF files can be shared in a secure manner as encryption is performed during file share.

Need To Convert MSG into PDF

  • MSG files are Binary Format files, so they can only be viewed by MAPI-email clients. However, it becomes quite difficult to access MSG files in case of Outlook failure as they can only be viewed in Outlook.
Due to this, the MSG files needs to be converted into other file formats such as PDF to have an easy access to these files.
  • In case of Outlook downtime, MSG files cannot be accessed by the users. It is advisable to convert MSG files into PDF files so that they can be used in such situations.

How to Convert MSG into PDF

The following methods can be used to convert MSG into PDF:

  1. Manual Approach

1. Open the MSG file in MS Outlook.

2. Go to File menu and click on Save As option.
3. Save the files as .html file in system.
4. Now, open the .html file in MS Word.
5. Save the file as .pdf file under Save As option.

User need to repeat the above process for every MSG file to convert it into PDF.
Limitations Of Manual Approach

  • Although the MSG files can be converted into PDF by the manual method, but each MSG files has to be processed individually for the conversion. Therefore, the same procedure needs to be done a number of times in case of many emails. The manual procedure, being a time-consuming procedure makes it infeasible for users to carry on conversion.
  • The attachments associated with MSG files cannot be retained using this procedure. Therefore, the users will not be able to access the attachment content after conversion.
  1. Automated approach

Better alternative is to use automated software available in the market, which allows an efficient conversion of MSG to PDF. One such software is MSG to PDF Converter that facilitates the conversion of batch MSG files into PDF in a single run. User can convert the MSG and the attached files such as word file, images into PDF with the help of the tool without any data loss.
The MSG to PDF Converter undergoes following steps for conversion:

  1. Run the MSG to PDF Converter from the installation location.
  1. Select the MSG files, which need to be converted into PDF. It allows user to choose different mail view styles.

  1. User can choose multiple emails to export them into PDF format. Right click on the selected
  1. items and select Export option.

  1. The scanning status of each MSG file is displayed to user.
  1. Once MSG file is converted, export completion message is displayed.

So, the complete MSG file is converted into PDF by using MSG to PDF Converter by following the above mentioned steps.


The article covers the scenario in which MSG file needs to be converted into PDF. The manual method along with automated technique has been illustrated systematically to guide users for the efficient file conversion procedure. This is trick like to convert MBOX to PST Open Source.

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