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Security policies are paramount to any organization’s privacy and survival tactics. There are sophisticated forms of attack that take place every day to steal confidential company documents. To protect private conversations from the prying eyes of a hacker one can go for third-party tools. These are professional applications that are designed to extract email folders and save as a file in case of corruption. One such product is the EmailDoctor Office 365 Backup. It is a brilliant software that can come quite used by administrators to secure business environment. This post talks all about this utility and how it works. It explains all its features and benefits to anyone looking for similar solution. Continue reading to learn about the automated way to ensure smooth workflow no matter what. 

Technical Specification of the EmailDoctor Office 365 Backup

Developer – EmailDoctor
Current Version – 1.1
Price – $49 (Full Version)
Size – 15.3 MB RAM 512 MB(1 GB is recommended)
Processor – 1 GHz(2.4Hz is recommended)
RoleExport Office 365 mailbox data to PST and other file formats
Outlook Installation Needed – Yes for migration to PST
Supported Windows OS – Microsoft Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8 and all below versions

Features of the EmailDoctor Office 365 Email Backup Software

Save Multiple Mailboxes in One Go

The tool is designed to transfer data from multiple user accounts in bulk. All it needs are administrative credentials to do so and mark the ‘Application Impersonation’ box before login. The utility to backup Office 365 mailboxes ensures that no data is changed or folder hierarchy tampered during export.

Extract Emails to Multiple Formats

The application can even work with a single user trying to download email folders to their computer. It requires just their login username and password to convert messages to PST and EML files. An Outlook data file(.pst) can be used to clear old conversations and save them privately with a password.

Selectively Move Items to PST Format

The program to backup Office 365 mailbox provides multiple options like choosing between emails, contacts, calendars to export. There is even a date filtering feature to limit conversion to a time period. This can be applied to domain export and even when migrating to EML format.

Option to Apply Naming Convention

There is a facility to change the names of the .emls files upon export. It can be according to the subject, date or a serial number. Administrators can even choose between user accounts to archive. The Office 365 Email backup ensures that private information is not shared with a third-party or credentials saved anywhere.

Archive Complete Mailbox in Few Steps

The software is designed to export all the contents from a single user account or multiple ones. It makes sure the formatting, styling and header information are retained during export. Users are allowed to choose a destination folder path of their choice to save files.


User-friendly, efficient, reliable and simple piece of technology Even a single user with no technical expertise can use this tool Export Office 365 emails to EML and save messages to file.


The free version allows only export up to 25 items per folder One needs to install and configure Outlook just for creating backups.


It is best to leave the difficult tasks to professionals. This involves manually creating an archive for each mailbox one at a time to prevent data loss in case of corruption. It can be made a lot easier by just using an automated solution like the EmailDoctor Office 365 Backup. It is a lot better than using the facility provided by Microsoft. It can offer disrupt the current order of emails, change metadata like date, subject, to, cc etc. It might be a huge risk and open a company to compliance issues, lawsuits or disrupted communication threads. Any expert would recommend going with a third-party tool instead. It is a small price to ensure security and protect crucial communications.

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