Top 10 Mobile Application Development Companies in Chicago

As phone usage outpaces desktop, businesses without a mobile presence are quickly working to get up to speed. These Chicago companies are helping to revitalize businesses by modernizing their legacy technology and equipping them with the tools they need to excel in a digital landscape dominated by the smartphone.

  1. Codal

    As experts in both iOS and Android design and development, Codal crafts engaging, immersive apps that users love. Based in River North, its expert team of designers architect immersive mobile user experiences that engage users on an interactive platform. Codal’s mobile app development teams are well-versed in industry standards, and can efficiently build both native and responsive web applications. Codal helps businesses design, develop, polish, and perfect digital experiences that exceed user expectations.

  2. Atomic Object

    Atomic Object strives to develop and launch mobile applications that maximize return on investment (ROI). With its tried and true process and intelligent budgeting, Atomic Object helps companies take a leap forward into smarter tech.

  3. Rightpoint

    Rightpoint has a solid resume of building truly transformative mobile applications. Its innovative approach to development has delivered applications that solve business problems in eCommerce, resource allocation, internet of things (IoT), and more.

  4. Eight Bit Studios

    A creative and boundary-pushing agency, Eight Bit Studios prides itself on delivering “people-friendly” mobile applications. Eight Bit develops mobile-first solutions using extensive user research and validation, as well as tried-and-true agile methodologies.

  5. FarShore

    A full-service design and development agency, FarShore has launched 100+ apps on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With dedicated teams for iOS, Android, and React Native development, FarShore offers an experienced and cost-efficient approach to mobile development.

  6. ORA

    ORA describes its approach to mobile development as “smart, radically simple, arresting, and unexpected.” The agency is building solutions and applications that solve tough business challenges with experienced, flexible teams of experts.

  7. SavvyApps

    With a holistic mindset and approach to developing cutting-edge mobile applications, SavvyApps is committed to solving complex problems and helping businesses of all disciplines. For SavvyApps, speed is essential to the usability of mobile apps, something that its experienced developers can deliver.

  8. Table XI

    Table XI emphasizes the importance of digital strategy and user experience design in mobile app development. As experts in both iOS and Android development, Table XI is implementing new tools and resources to collect analytics, review performance, and optimize apps for  superior end products.

  9. Red Foundry

    Since its inception in 2009, Red Foundry has been successfully building best-in-class mobile applications for a diverse set of clients. With a project approach that’s purpose-built for custom mobile app development, Red Foundry delivers superior technology with a speedier go-to-market timeline and decreased risk.

  10. Simpalm

    In addition to iOS and Android applications, Simpalm also offers expertise in developing hybrid mobile apps. Hybrid apps create a seamless experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop by using established frameworks. Using technologies like React Native, Titanium, Xamarin, and more, Simpalm delivers truly cross-platform applications.

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