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  • Biostatistics Questions And Answers Of Physiotherapy Subject

    1) When the range of scores and subjects is more than 20 how the data should be organized?Ans.  Group frequency 2) In positively skewed curve _________.Ans.  The tail is in the positive direction & the hump is in the negative direction. 3) A frequency polygon is a _________.Ans.  Line graph 4) A score in the […]

  • Morning Habits For A Healthy And Beautiful You

    There are so many morning habits which won’t just help you shed extra pounds in the long run, but will also translate into a healthy body and radiant skin for you. Are you wondering what those habits are which will immensely benefit you? Keep reading on to know: 1) Become a morning person– While it’s […]

  • Erectile Dysfunction – Facts, Causes and Best Possible Solution

    If you really want to enjoy cocktail of quality and strong on bed performance you have to spend quality time with your partner. You have to fulfill that basic requirement of communication and be him to enjoy that intimacy and with added ingredients of sexual activity. This is especially for women because they can’t let […]

  • Glaucoma – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment in Budget

    What is Glaucoma?Glaucoma has been defined as a group of eye diseases causing optic nerve damage. The optic nerve carries images from the retina, which is the specialized light sensing tissue, connected through brain so that we can see. In Glaucoma, eye pressure plays a role to damage the delicate nerve fibers of the optic […]