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  • Wood ring for a friend

    Finished product first Via imgur #jewelry feed

  • Another powerful bracelet

    Post with 1 votes and 1 views. Tagged with vikings, jewelry, antique, pagan, scandinavian; Shared by mxmaxov5772. Another powerful bracelet Via imgur #jewelry feed

  • “witchy” necklace

    I know that Halloween is in 1,5 months but I’m already in a Halloween mood. Ok! The truth is that I’m in a Halloween mood all year long. Hehehe. The stone is amethyst and this technique is called micro macrame. 🙂 Via imgur #jewelry feed

  • Formal Wear Essential for SideSaddle

    All the Chains are made by me from Scratch-Alloy, Pulled Wire through plates, Fused Links…Wove together with Black Diamonds #hat-day Via imgur #jewelry feed

  • Polaris Pendant

    Post with 8 votes and 1 views. Tagged with art, handmade, jewelry, silver, pendant; Shared by boballen77365. “Polaris” Pendant.  Sterling Silver, Larimar, Aquamarine, Swiss Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, and Kyanite. Via imgur #jewelry feed