How to Convert Lotus Notes Email into PDF

Lotus Notes is one of the most prominent email clients that have been a part of enterprises and corporate over two decades. Since its launch in the year 1989, Lotus Notes has been successful in establishing itself as an effectual platform, not just for emailing but also for other applications such as blogging, file sharing, and instant messaging as well.

When it comes to Lotus Notes database security, the strong security features available with it, enable the users to secure their database effectively. However, in order to extend the security, the users can also convert their mails into PDF format. Once converted, the mails can be secured by different security parameters.
In this blog, we will portray some of the methods by which a user can convert Lotus Notes email into PDF files.

Scenarios When Notes Database Is Converted To PDF

As discussed in the above section, the user can convert NSF mails in PDF format in order to extend the security of the Notes database. The conversion can prove to be useful in other aspects as well.

When it comes to sharing of Notes database, the only limitation that affects the sharing process is that NSF file is not supported in any other application apart from Lotus Notes. Therefore, for users deploying email clients other than Lotus Notes, accessing Notes database is out of question. Therefore, to make this happen, PDF file can work as an intermediate format. Since PDF is a platform independent file format, the intended users can access the Notes database in the absence of Lotus Notes.

Convert Lotus Notes Email To PDF

What’s more, the sharing process will be a secured one, owing to the high-level security imposed on PDF files. In addition to these factors, another scenario where NSF to PDF conversion can turn out to be helpful is in the case of creating Lotus Notes database backups. The resultant PDF files can be used for storing Notes emails, which can be used later on as a means of backup.

Manual Process To Convert Lotus Notes Emails Into PDF

The manual process of converting Lotus Notes emails to PDF involves installation of Adobe Acrobat in the user machine. To perform this conversion, PDFMaker is brought into use. It is an Acrobat feature, used to convert NSF file to PDF file. When Acrobat is installed, PDFMaker appears automatically in the work area of Lotus Notes.

Alternate Solution to Convert Notes Emails Into PDF File

The biggest limitation of the above-mentioned manual solution is that it requires installation of Adobe Acrobat in the user machine. It is not necessary that every organization may agree to invest in the product, just for the task of converting NSF to PDF. Therefore, in order to perform the conversion process, users can make use of third party solutions like MailPro+. The software is a perfect solution for performing the conversion of Lotus Notes emails to PDF, independent of Adobe Acrobat installation. The user gets the option of naming the PDF files. The user can choose among different parameters like Subject, Subject + Date, etc.

Therefore, MailPro+ Lotus Notes to Outlook Migration is the best option for converting NSF mail to PDF format in an efficient manner.

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