Complete Solution to Convert Your OST File to PST Using Manual and Alternate Ways Safely

Solution of OST to PST Conversion


OST to PST conversion is necessary in many situations while using MS Outlook with the Microsoft Exchange Server. Normally the conversation needed most when the OST file gets corrupted. And there are several reasons behind a corrupt OST file. We will now everything in this article about why the reason behind a OST file corruption, the manual method to recover data from a corrupt OST file, conversion of OST to PST and recovery of emails from the corrupt file by using a third party software. But before everything, we will know about OST and PST file quickly.

Know Your OST and PST File:

OST files are the MS Outlook offline file folders, that works with the Microsoft Exchange Server while in synchronization. OST file folders are the exact images of the Exchange Server Folders and these files can be access locally without the involvement of the Exchange Server. While working offline, you can add, delete and modify the contents of OST file. We can also change and move items in our offline Inbox. In the mean time the server will continue do his work. Any changes on the server will not be affected to you until you connect to the Exchange Server with the Cached Exchange mode.
PST files are the physical file that can be displayed locally in the Outlook. PST files are used to save data for further uses in real life like migrate from Outlook to Thunderbird or from an older version of Outlook to a newer version of Outlook etc.

Ways to Recover From Corruption:

The Manual Method:
Using the manual method recovery of OST file is possible. However these manual methods all has their own limitations/drawbacks. I will describe everything here.

First Method (Export):
Using this Exporting method you will be able to export all of your files inside the corrupt OST can be saved into PST. Moreover, you can save the file into CSV or Excel format. Here’s the step by step procedure

Step 1: Open MS Outlook.


Step 2: Click on File and then Import and Export.


Step 3: Now click on Export to a file and Next.


Step 4: Now please select Outlook Data File(.pst) and click Next.


Step 5: Now select the folder you want to Import and check on Include Subfolders and click on Finish.

Restrictions: An Exchange Server Connection is need during the procedure.
Second Method(Archive):
Following the Archive method, you will be able to save your mailbox files to a PST file.
Step 1: Open MS Outlook.
Step 2: Click on File and then click on Archive.
Step 3: Please choose the file or folder you want to archive.
Step 4: Select your saving location.
Step 5: Now click on Finish.
Restrictions: This method will archive everything but not Contacts.
Third Method(Drag and Drop):
Here in this method you will create a new PST file and then drag all of your folders to the newly created PST file.
Step 1: Open MS Outlook.
Step 2: Create a new PST file in your Outlook profile.
Step 3: Drag the folders you want to move and drop it in the PST file.
Restrictions: You won’t be able to drag and drop your default folders like: Inbox etc.

Using a Software to Convert OST to PST:

You can also recover, or convert a corrupt OST file easily by using a third party software. The one I’m using is called the OST Recovery software. This is the most reliable and efficient corrupt OST file recovery software. The advanced features will help you to filter emails and will save a lot of time. You can download and try the software for free with some limited features, but if you want to unlock all the features then you can also purchase the software easily. Please find the link below to know the software in detail and also for downloading and purchasing.

Please visit this link: OST to PST
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