Tips and tricks on saving money online – Be a smart shopper

Tips and tricks on saving money online – Be a smart shopper

Urban India is fast catching up to the fever of online shopping, thanks to the effortlessly chic stores that are mushrooming online; almost every other day. However, the issue here is having so much becomes a bit overwhelming at times and we as consumers end up buying more than what is required. And in the process it becomes a tad heavy for the pocket. Well, if you want to save money on online shopping, the best way to do so is minimize your visit to the e-stores. But, if you can’t stop yourself from splurging, the best thing to do is to grab the discount coupons and deals.

Savings on online shopping

Today we will be discussing the tips and tricks that you can follow to avoid burning a hole in your pocket, while shopping online.

Simulate your needs with the stores – Wanna be a smart shopper? Then list down your needs and know the shops that are best for you. For example, if you are more into western clothes, try finding a store that sells exclusively western apparel. If you love ethnic wear, know which ethnic store best suits your taste. Similarly, choose a grocery store that stocks up all of what you require. This way, you will look only for what you want, thereby minimizing impulse buys, which are the greatest contributor towards excessive and unwanted expenses.

Coupons can be your saviour – Nowadays, coupons are found everywhere online. You must have noticed that all online stores have a small box asking you to enter a coupon or voucher code during checkout. It is this feature that can help you save lots on online shopping. Coupons are nothing but codes that help you get discounts on shopping. At present, there are lots of coupon sites, such as GrabOn, a top coupon site in India. Here, you can get deals on almost everything that are available online. Be it your home needs, food, appliances, apparel, cosmetics, medicines or puja needs, everything can be bought for less with these coupons.

Wait and review before you buy – Have the hots for some luxury items? May be a Louis Vuitton bag or a Gucci wallet. The best way to save on this is to buy a replica rather than the actual branded product, which would cost you a fortune! You can couple this with another trick, which is the basis of this point. Add the product you love to the shopping cart and start looking for reviews of the product. Wait for a few hours and then go back and check your cart. It is quite likely that your impulse to buy this particular product will fade with time, if not washed away altogether. This way you will find it easier to avoid making an impulse buy, thereby saving a lot. And friends let me tell you that I simply did not add this point out of nothing. I have tried this trick myself and it does work!

Comparative shopping works – Make sure that you compare before you add items to cart. Just like the online shopping portals, you will find that there are lots of comparison sites and tools available online. These let you compare offers for free, and it becomes easier for you to find out which shop is making a better offer. Even a few bucks saved can add up to a lot.

Get details of loyalty and rewards – A great way to save on online shopping is using loyalties and reward programs. For example, you can earn reward points on Zooming against every order you place. Zooming is a photo printing site and you can save on your photos and gifting needs as well through their exclusive reward program. Then there’s the referral points that can be earned through Swiggy referrals. You refer Swiggy to your friends and earn 100 points, equaling to rs. 100. A great way to save on online orders, isn’t it?
So, now you know how you can save money while shopping online. Be it your everyday needs, groceries, apparel, shoes or luxury items, you can get everything on a budget.


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