Migrate Emails From Lotus Notes To Word Using NSF To Word Converter

In this digital world, we are embraced by a number of applications. These applications are designed in order to fully utilize the resources and provide desired output to the people. Many of these applications are online, like Lotus Notes, Opera Mail, Gmail etc while a number of them are offline like Microsoft Office Suite.

NSF to Word conversion is carried out in order to access the emails of Lotus Notes away from the emailing environment and in the absence of client Server. Thus, NSF to Word converter tool comes into the picture. Before going into details, let’s have a look on the reasons due to which the users performs NSF to Word conversion.

Generated Scenario Forced for Lotus Notes to Word Conversion

Most of the people perform NSF to Word conversion due to some situation that arise in one’s life in which individual have no option left with except Migration. Some of them are listed below-

  1. Suppose there is a Lotus Notes user who is going to terminate his account from Lotus Notes platform then later he will be not able to get accessible to their mailbox. There we need a converter who can convert Lotus Notes mailbox to Word Format.
  2. With the Word document it can be shareable on MS SharePoint.
  3. After converting the data into doc format user can print them with their internet header or not as per their choice and stay with them for a longer period of time.
  4. User can easily fetch Lotus Notes email at any anytime from anywhere even in offline mode

How To Perform NSF to Word Conversion?

NSF to Word conversion can be done either manually or using some commercial solution. However, manually converting emails from NSF files to Word format is not a cup of tea and a number of issues are associated with it. Some common issues encountered by the users at the time of performing NSF to Word conversion are:

  • Loss of attachments associated with the emails
  • Data fidelity during the conversion
  • Different layouts and forms of the data can be disturbed due to conversion

Hence, on considering the above issues it is always a wise choice to opt for some commercial solution for the conversion. A number of tools are available in the online market that assures users to convert emails from NSF files into Word format. However, many of them fail to provide desired output to the users. Thus, it becomes important for the users to opt for a trustworthy solution to perform the conversion.

NSF To Word Converter – A Sharp And Efficient Solution For NSF To Word Conversion

One of the finest solutions for converting emails from NSF files to Word format is NSF to Word Converter. The tool is designed exclusively to convert emails from NSF files into Word format immunizing the users from the threats of data loss. Some of the features of the tool includes:

  • Converts emails from all folders of NSF files like inbox, drafts, sent items etc.
  • Converts emails from NSF files of any size into Word format.
  • Maintains Meta properties of the emails like To, Cc, Bcc, inline images, hyperlinks etc.
  • Attachment added with the emails are not at all disturbed by the tool.
  • The tool supports latest versions of Lotus Notes and MS Office.

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