Pleated Cabriolet Fan, French Fans


Written By Komal Solanki


French Fans.
1) Pleated Cabriolet Fan (1760–80). Parchment and paper leaf, painted with gouache; pierced, painted and gilded ivory sticks.
2) Pleated Fan (1760s). Painted vellum leaf, carved and painted ivory sticks
3) Pleated Fan (1760–80). Glazed paper leaf painted with gouache, carved, incised, pierced and painted ivory sticks, glass stone at the rivet
4) Pleated Fan (1775–85). Painted and gilded silk leaf with tambour work and metallic spangles, carved and pierced ivory sticks, mother-of-pearl backing on guards, glass stone at the rivet.
5) Pleated Fan (1793–1803). Paper leaf with hand-coloured engraving embroidered with metallic spangles, incised bone sticks with applied metallic foil.
6) Pleated Fan (1830–40).  Gilded paper leaf with chromolithograph showing four ladies in a garden. Reverse: a man and woman in a medallion flanked by arabesques in silver paint. Carved and pierced ivory sticks with silvered decoration.
7) Pleated Fan (1840s). Hand-coloured printed paper and parchment leaf, pierced and incised mother-of-pearl sticks with applied metallic foil, gilt metal bail.
8) Pleated Fan (1840–1849). Paper leaf with hand-coloured lithograph, pierced and gilded bone sticks.
9) Pleated Fan (1850–1900). Silk lace leaf with silk gauze, embroidered with steel cut beads and spangles, carved and piquéd ebony sticks, silk cord and tassel.
10) Pleated Fan (1895–1910). Painted silk crêpe leaf, painted and carved wood sticks.
Images and text information courtesy Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.  Catalog Photo

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