White tailed eagle flying again in England after 2 centuries in lockdown

Many animals and birds have returned to the cities due to the epidemic coronavirus. Approximately 2 centuries later, white-tailed eagles with white feathers finally appeared on their bodies in England. These eagles have been seen flying over the Isle of Wight Island. This eagle is also known as Sea Eagle.

The eagle is the UK’s largest bird of prey, relying mostly on fish and water birds for food. With a wingspan of 2.5 meters, it is the largest bird of prey in the UK. The bird last appeared in the 18th century. Approximately 240 years later, the bird was seen again.

According to the trekker on the eagle, he has traveled a lot. An eagle named G274 traveled 427 kilometers before returning to the island. Six eagles were released on the Isle of Wight Island in August by the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation under a five-year introduction program. One eagle died in October and one eagle is missing. So there are currently four eagles, including the G318 eagle in New York. The G324 remained on the Isle of Wight and the G393 Eagle flew to Peak District National Park.

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