Cute Animals That Are Very Dangerous

Hey ,how many of you like animals ? But remember that they’re also many animals that don’t need your love and caring ………. But if you see them in danger rescue them with precautions


PUFFER FISH contains Tetrodotoxin it is a substance that is very poisonous there is enough toxin in one puffer fish to kill 30 adult humans and still we don’t have any antidote for it.


Swans are very aggressive when you provoked them and can harm you and even bite you the main thing is that Swans fly over a perceived enemy then they push them under water until they drown.


Maybe one day you might see this creature then just slowly turn back and run away because they might seems cute but they are one of the largest carnivorous and are able to kill anyone in a minute .Atleast 20-80 people every year are attacked by polar bear.


Slow Loris is one of the most poisonous mammal in the world and if it bites you then you’ll be in very critical condition.


Poison dart frog are very colourful and comes in 100 different types they are of blue,black,green,golden , yellow colour but the most dangerous of them is golden one it has ability to kill atleast 10 adult humans if they touched that frog.

Remember all animals attack only when you provoked them

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