Biostatistics Questions And Answers Of Physiotherapy Subject

1) When the range of scores and subjects is more than 20 how the data should be organized?
Ans.  Group frequency

2) In positively skewed curve _________.
Ans.  The tail is in the positive direction & the hump is in the negative direction.

3) A frequency polygon is a _________.
Ans.  Line graph

4) A score in the 60th percentile means ________.
Ans.  Equal to surpass 60% of raw score

5) For skewed data which measure of variability is useful.
Ans.  interquartile range

6) SEM can be calculated from sample ______
Ans.  Standard deviation and sample size

7) What is the standard deviation if the data represent a population ______.
Ans.  Standard error

8) Kurtosis is relative __________.
Ans. Peakedness of the data

9) Mean + 1.96 SD covers ________.
Ans.  95% of area

10) Power is ________.
Ans.  1-b

11) Incorrectly rejecting null is ____.
Ans.  Type I error

12) Mann whitney U test is alternative to ______.
Ans. dependent t

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