Emma Thompson Interview Collection

Emma Thompson was captivated by language and writing, a quality which she credits to her dad, who shared her adoration for words. Thompson accepts that it was unavoidable that she would turn into an entertainer, remarking that she was “encompassed by innovative individuals and I don’t figure it in the world might have gone differently, truly”. While there, she had a “fundamental second” that went her to woman’s rights and enlivened her to take up performing. She made sense of in a meeting in 2007 how she found the book The Madwoman in the Attic, “which is about Victorian female essayists and the masks they took on to communicate what they needed to communicate. That totally changed my life.”[15] She turned into a self-declared “underground rocker”, with short red hair and a motorbike, and sought to be a jokester like Lily Tomlin. See interviews of Emma Thompson then here is the collection of Emma Thompson videos and its interview.


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