'Dubstep Dad!' Shaquille O'Neal Speaks On Bonding With Son Myles Over DJing

‘Dubstep Dad!’ Shaquille O’Neal Speaks On Bonding With Son Myles Over DJing

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is opening up about how he and his 26-year-old son, Myles O’Neal, have shaped relatively a bond because of their shared love of DJing!

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The Athlete-Became-DJ Says He’s “If truth be told Jealous” Of Myles O’Neal’s Abilities

Throughout a up to date sit-down with PEOPLE, Shaq — who is going through “DJ Diesel” whilst on his track grind — discussed how he and Myles are certain to hone their DJing abilities through “working towards in combination,” noting, “We all the time industry songs.”

Whilst at the matter, the 51-year-old “Dubstep Dad” fondly recalled introducing Myles to the artwork.

“I be mindful once I simply purchased him his first DJ set. He’d be in a room, and I attempt to let my children do the whole thing on their very own, so he’d are available, and I’d say, ‘Determine it out,’ and he’d come again with it discovered.”

Proceeding, Shaq used to be certain to notice that Myles is “truly excellent” on the craft. If truth be told, Shaquille O’Neal identified that he’s “if truth be told jealous” of his son’s ability!

“I’ve observed him carry out time and again and he’s truly excellent. I’m if truth be told jealous, he’s truly excellent.”

It’s additionally value including that Shaquille said that Myles “has one thing [he’s] by no means had”: “DJ hair!”

“He has that DJ hair. I don’t have the DJ hair.”

Shaq Up to now Dished On Educating His Sons To Be Stand-Up Companions

DJ-related perception isn’t the one recommendation that Shaq is providing his youngsters.

As The Color Room reported, Shaquille O’Neal mentioned instructing his sons to be higher companions than he used to be, as he admittedly fumbled “two best possible girls.”

Throughout the inaugural episode of Monica‘s MoTalk podcast, Shaq shared that — regardless of having it excellent with exes Arnetta Yardbourgh and Shaunie Henderson (previously O’Neal) — he “messed it up” through “doing dumb stuff.”

Because of his personal fumbles, Shaquille O’Neal says he makes certain to inform his sons that it’s necessary to absolutely be there for his or her companions.

“I inform my sons at all times, ‘A person has 3 jobs in terms of a lady. Give protection to, supply, and love.”

O’Neal famous that “some males can most effective be offering two for no matter reason why,” despite the fact that he aspires to lead his sons in order that they’re in a position to “be offering all 3.”

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