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Remote Job – Mid-Level PHP Backend Developer

Company name is Prep Kitchen.

They are seeking a PHP Backend Engineer to become a member of our team and work on the next version of our plan for meal prep delivery. Our weekly customized meal programs are relied upon by thousands of consumers.

This position pays between £50,000 and £65,000 based on experience.

You can work from any location within -3 or +3 hours of GMT, however the majority of your working day must coincide with the 9 to 5 UK workday.

Concerning the Team

We employ about 150 people, the majority of whom work in two factories in the UK that produce food. The data and software engineering teams are located remotely in the US, Spain, and the UK. Regardless of location, we hire remote engineers to identify the top candidates for our team. We seek highly independent people who are proactive in identifying and completing tasks, skilled at addressing problems, and extremely autonomous. These characteristics, in our opinion, are essential for anyone hoping to succeed in a remote work setting.

About Company

Prep Kitchen is a top meal prep delivery service in the UK. Olympians and other elite athletes, such as World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall, Paralympian Daniel Goodfellow, Team GB’s Desiree Henry, Team GB’s Hannah Williams, and many more, trust us. We assist more than fifty top athletes. Are you eager to learn more? Visit our Community of Athletes.

About Role

You will make contributions to the current PHP Laravel framework core in your role as a backend engineer. You will create and enhance the technologies that consumers use to select their meals and delivery windows. Regarding food production, you will participate in the definition of the systems that we use for vital operations such as order dispatch, scheduling, and demand planning for ingredients.

The main technologies you’ll work with are PHP, Laravel, MySQL, and Digital Ocean.


  • Creating scalable, manageable, and high-quality code.
  • creating, maintaining, and improving our web application’s backend.
  • collaborating with a heterogeneous group of data scientists, UI/UX designers, software engineers, and conversion rate optimization experts to enhance the functionality and ordering experience for clients.
  • Participating in agile processes to organize, schedule, and execute web application iterations.
  • Engage in code reviews and promote good code practices among team members.
  • Assist stakeholders in defining needs and contributing technical know-how.
  • Bugfixing found issues with the codebase’s technical architecture.

About Candidate

  • Strong PHP backend engineering background
  • three or more years of experience using Laravel professionally
  • outstanding communication abilities in English
  • Located at – or +3 hours of GMT, it will largely coincide with your working day in the UK. 9 to 5 days
  • knowledgeable about Git and comfortable with Gitflow
  • knowledgeable about software engineering procedures such as code reviews, testing, and lucid documentation
  • strong interpersonal abilities and self-assurance when working in groups
  • proactive and driven to pursue ongoing professional development and improvement


  • Work as a member of a small, intimate engineering team.
  • Flat organization encourages direct and honest communication and gives you the freedom to make decisions.
    the ability to select your workspace.
  • 26 paid vacation days plus annual local holidays are provided.
  • Weekly meal prep delivery from Free Prep Kitchen (if you’re based in the UK)

To apply this position, Visit website.

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